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Managed Desktop Services

Reliability, better staff productivity, and lower cost are the top three things executives want from their Managed Desktop Services. But it’s tough to achieve all of them together in today’s multi-user desktop environment with many different systems and builds.That is where Pro Inventive excels with our innovative solutions to all your IT problems read more

Reduce costs, increase productivity

Pro Inventive IT Managed Desktop takes care of your desktop environment. Our desktop services are designed to drive down cost, improve workforce productivity, and be flexible to meet changing business demands.
In the past standardizing the desktop environment was viewed as a key way to deliver cost savings, organizations now need to contend with and support a diversity of:
• Technology: PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
• User expectations: workforces comprising of baby boomers, generation x and digital natives.
• User roles: task workers, knowledge workers, mobile users, and office based executives.
• Locations: flexible access to computing resources whether in the office, at home, on the move or at a WiFi hotspot.


Why choose Pro Inventive IT ?


• Infrastructure consulting and integration
• Desktop software support
• Desktop hardware support
• Standard operating environment management
• Lifecycle management services


• Reduce desktop service costs by up to 30%.
• Predictable low cost, per user, per month – benchmarked externally
• Ensure a consistent, high quality user experience
• Optimise the service provided to meet different user roles and requirements
• Support a growing array of end-user devices
• Deliver continuous service improvements in tune with changing business needs
• Ensure a seamless and consistent desktop service globally
• Deliver a greener desktop service by lowering energy consumption and costs